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Glue Gun

Uses 11 to 12.5mm glue sticks, do ask for two if you need.

Fee: £ 0.00 per day

Brand: Stanley
Code: LOT0304

Heavy duty glue guns can be used for many craft and DIY projects.

High and Low Setting:
- 210ºC: repairs wood, leather, ceramics, plastic and metal
- 120ºC: repairs jewellery, fabrics, paper, styrofoam, floral pieces
In general, the high setting is for general purpose use and the low is for heat sensitive materials.

- Plug in
- Load glue sticks (may need two to start), wait three to six minutes,
- Pull trigger to feed the glue through the gun,
- Unplug the gun once finished and if it won't be used again within two hour period,
- Any unused glue can be left in the gun to be reused.

Remember to clean!

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