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Camping Lantern

Fee: £ 0.00 per day

Condition: 5 - new
Code: LOT0422

HIGH LUMINOSITY - Adjustable brightness, with 2 lighting modes: Full Brightness (240 LM), provides you with light at least 12 hours for full charging; Low Brightness (120LM), at least 20 hours

5 MODES OF RECHARGING - Solar energy, Dynamo, car adapter, AC adapter or 3 AAA batteries, you will not worry how much electricity remains in the battery when camping and hiking. When charging via AC adapter, the red indicator light will illuminate, the red color will not change after a full charge.
SOLAR LANTERN - Polysilicon solar panels, brighter than other solar lanterns and guaranteeing a long service life of more or less 100,000 hours.
HAND DYNAMO - Simply shake the crank for one minute at about 120 rpm, to generate light for 5 minutes.

USB CONNECTED - A universal USB port to charge mobile phones and other devices (output: DC 5V / 1A), you can recharge it during travel, hiking, fishing and camping

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